I'm Kelly. I am a recovering pessimist and perfectionist. I enjoy the quiet stillness of nature and the feeling of sun on my skin. I like red wine and organic food. I hate cluttered spaces and bad drivers. I refuse to take life too seriously and can usually be found dying from the hilarity of my husband's antics.
This is Keane (pronounced like the shoe, spelled like the band). He is laid back and playful. He works hard for his family and enjoys doing anything active in his spare time. He likes dark beer and red meat. He hates restrictions and big cities. He has a free spirit and a loyal heart and can usually be found making his wife die from the hilarity of his antics. 
We are high school sweethearts who sealed the deal by exchanging vows in the Colorado mountains in 2009. Each day we strive to love fiercely, laugh joyfully and grow abundantly together. 

This little beauty is Liv (not short for Olivia, just Liv). Her name means life and she sure is the light of ours. She joined our clan in the spring of 2013 and has brought so much joy to our world. She is boisterous and physical, yet gentle and sweet. She likes being on the move and sucking on her mama's chin. She hates taking naps and missing out on the action. 
We have two babies of the furry kind with whom we're kind of obsessed.
Daphne is our spoiled first born and has deliciously squishy jowls. She enjoys swimming and licking her paws like a cat.
Cash is our only boy and makes a great spooning partner. He enjoys sub-zero temperatures and eating paper products left on his level. 
The motto in our family is, Life is good today
Because it really, really is.
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