Jan 17, 2011

Do-si-do now y'all

Keane and I went to the National Western Stock show this weekend. We got tickets from Keane's company and met a bunch of his co-workers for some good ole' fashion fun. I had never been to a rodeo so I didn't really know what to expect. It.was.awesome!!! Keane hasn't stopped singing Toby Keith's song "I Should've Been a Cowboy" since we left. We both have always loved nature, animals and the simple life, and longed for the day when we could move out of the city and onto our ranch. This little experience just reinforced our desires. We ate turkey legs, drank Coors and watched manly men attempt to stay atop animals with nothing short of fury in their eyes.

I did however, find mutton busting completely bazar and the idea of grown men tackling baby bull's and quickly tying their legs together for sport very sad. But I do really love the culture- hardworking people and proud American citizens! The whole experience was great and for $11 a ticket, I think we'll go again next year! 

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