Mar 9, 2011

El to the Cameen

Keane sensed I was a little down on my way home from work yesterday so he offered to take me to my favorite restaurant for dinner. It immediately brought a smile to my face. 

We went to El Camino the very first day we came to Denver from Fort Collins to look at houses and have been hooked ever since. We  immediately fell in love with its laid back vibe and community atmosphere. They play awesome music and have great prices. Even though there is almost always a wait, it is so (read: SO) worth it. We get their salsa to go because it is one of my favorite things in the world. I have been known to polish off a pint in one evening. Before Keane even gets home from work. Should that embarrass me? Because it doesn't.  

I can usually be found making this face while enjoying their happy hour margs, chips and salsa and shrimp tacos. Ooooh the shrimp tacos!

Keane enjoys this little spot just about as much as I do. What a handsome hubin I have!

This is the good stuff.  

Thank you El Cameeen for making my night (and to mister for taking me there). 

Hey, you wouldn't happen to fed ex salsa to Wyoming would you? 

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