Mar 2, 2011

They grow up so fast ::sniffle sniffle::

My sweet nephew's 3rd birthday party was this past weekend. I know, it's cliche but it blows my mind how fast time passes- I can't believe he is a little boy already! I remember rushing to the Denver hospital from Fort Collins to meet the newest member of our family just a short time ago. His brave mama had a very difficult labor which ended in an emergency c-section. I broke down in tears the minute I walked into that hospital room because I was so thankful to see they were all ok.

Brody has the sweetest heart of any child I've known and he melts me each time I'm around him. He is a joy and I'm so grateful to be his auntie. Happy Birthday, Brody Bear!!

We are very proud to be an auntie and an uncle to such amazing kids.

Now, it's time for me to get back to work to distract myself from the twitching that is taking place in my ovaries. They want what they want. And they want kids.

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