May 17, 2011

FaceTime saves

We did FaceTime with our families over the weekend. It was so nice to be able to see everyone in real time and get a glimpse of our ever growing nieces and nephews. Having the ability to do this makes being away a lot easier. 

My Dad was in Boulder visiting so everyone was together at my brother's house. We gave them a "tour" of our apartment and Caleb introduced us to his "cousin Brody" just in case we forgot who he was.  :)

We also got to visit with Keane's sister, Kyla, and her baby Lily. Lily is getting so big and just turned 4 months! 

We miss them all so much. Here are some pictures of the little ones that I forgot to post from Easter. 

Brody, Corynn, Caleb

Corynn and Caleb



Baby Lily

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