Jun 15, 2011

Lesson in Receiving

As I lie here, enveloped in this enormous bed, the sounds of a water fountain and birds chirping flood through the open windows, while jazz music fills the room. There are fresh cut lilacs on the dresser across from me and peppermint essential oil on the nightstand beside me.

Since leaving the hospital on Friday afternoon, it's felt like I checked myself into a spa to continue my recovery. Keane's Aunt and Uncle, Janet and Stan (affectionately dubbed, "Stanet") were kind enough to open their house to us after my surgery before we make the trip back to Wyoming. We are even staying in their master bedroom because it is on the main floor and doesn't require any stair climbing.

Their hospitality has meant the world to me. Keane's sweet Grandma Judy is also staying here to help cook meals and provide a helping hand where needed. Although I have no blood relation to these amazing souls, they didn't even hesitate to offer their gorgeous home and aid in my recovery.

It's hard to put into words just how much love and support I have felt over these last few days.
I've always had a difficult time freely accepting help from people without feeling guilty about it. I have a tendency to feel that anyone who gives of themselves has ulterior motives and expects something in return. This recent outpouring of unconditional love and service from our family members has proven to be an important lesson for me in the gift of receiving.
 And for that, I am so grateful.

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