Jul 18, 2011

Feelin Crafty: Sew like a Pro

Learning to sew has always seemed like a very intimidating task. Keane's Mom is an expert at it and has been my go to person whenever I needed something altered, fixed, or even created from scratch. She has made all my halloween costumes for the past few years.

Popeye and Olive Oyl 

Edward and Vivian from Pretty Woman 

I just go to the fabric or thrift store to get the supplies and she works her magic! 

And when I was little, I remember watching my Mom get out her (huge) sewing machine and fix any tears, buttons or hems that our clothes needed. 

So I recently decided something.
 I want to be a Mom that can make halloween costumes and let down hems for our undoubtably lanky future children. And because I have a bunch of extra time on my hands right now, I would teach myself!

After doing some research on sewing machines, I found one on Amazon that was on sale and rated the best for being user friendly for beginners. It also has several advanced features like 25 different stitches  (whatever that means...) for later down the road. 

Now that my creation is in the mail, I can share it without ruining the surprise. 
My nieces' birthdays were coming up and I wanted to make something special for them, so I bought a pattern that would fit them both and started sewing, trial and error. 

Honestly the hardest part was figuring out how to thread the needle on the machine and pinning the pattern. After that, you pretty much just match the pieces up with the notches you see above, follow the seam allowance, flip right side out, and viola! 

Ok,  it was a bit harder than that, but definitely nothing like I expected. I worked on it for a few hours over the course of three days but I'm sure the next one I do will go much quicker. 

Here is the finished product. 

This one is for Sofia who just turned one a couple weeks ago, and next I will be making something for Corynn who turned two a few days later. (Sorry for ruining the surprise, Linds. Just don't show Corynn).

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with my abilities. I really never thought I would end up with this after my first attempt using a sewing machine. 

Ok welp, it's back to the sweat shop for me. Keane says I've got to start earning my keep around here...

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