Jul 6, 2011

Fireworks make us wanna...

...wear 1970's safety glasses while we set them off because we care about the health of our eyes.

..."run like hell" because that's what the nice man with the mullet told us to do when he sold us this one on the side of the highway. 

...wear red lipstick to match our patriotic red bandanas and braid our hair like a milkmaid just because. Keane asked not to be pictured here as he discovered red was not really his color. 

...sit in the back of the truck under blankets and gaze at rainbows and clouds left behind from the storm that just passed.

...take another picture, posing the same way we have been for the last 10 years, while we wait for the booming to begin. 

Lastly, fireworks make us wanna make strange faces for the camera because we have had two beers and we are each other's cheap entertainment. 

God bless this land. 

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