Oct 26, 2011

Crafting with wheat and little brown, round objects

Fall has got me crafting. Actually it's my recent and unlimited access to Hobby Lobby that's got me crafting but I don't get caught up in the details. 

A few weeks ago, I staked claim to the living room floor and spread out all the makings for my Autumn wreath.

Materials used:
-twiggy wreath thing (found in the floral section at craft stores)
-wreath hanger
-artificial leaves, florals and wheat. Yes wheat. It's for fall, people. 
-decorative embellishments that were on sale and coordinated with my color scheme (just so happened to be from the Christmas isle. By the way...Christmas? Why don't you just steal my whole life right out from under me?! Before I know it, I'll be in a nursing home having my diaper changed, unable to recognize my own face)
-glue gun (my concealed crafting weapon of choice)
-glue sticks

I opted for the non-cheesy type of cheesy fake autumn leaves. Most of them were too bright and didn't look convincing. But these? Worked. 

I cut the leaves off their stem, choosing different sizes and colors for placement around my wreath. 

Then I arranged the floral, wheat (yes, wheat!) and little brown, round objects (I STILL have a hard time saying the word "balls" without chuckling. I blame it on the influence of my husband's humor and Peter from Family Guy) and went to town with my trusty glue gun.

After everything was dry and secured, I cut a strip of my burlap, tied it in a bow at the top of the wreath, and hung the sucker for viewing pleasure. 

Cue the oohs and

I'll be back later with my spray painted pumpkin collection which now sits directly beneath its seasonal counterpart.

I love this time of year.

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