Oct 21, 2011

It's for the kids

Is it wrong that I'm buying items for our future babies' nurseries? No, I'm not pregnant and in fact, we don't even have any intentions of getting pregnant in the near future.

But yesterday, I bought a pink marble hippo

and a wooden plaque which I hope to one day display in the rooms of our little ones. 

I wish I could say these were the first things I've bought in preparation for little boy and girl bambinos, but I can't.

We are also now the proud owners of a floating shelf which I plan to refinish and hang to display the little ceramic bird I bought because I thought it would make a sweet addition to a dreamy nursery one day.

I've got problems!

So until that day comes, these items will live in our tiny apartment, just waiting for their permanent home in a child's room.

Keane's take on it all? He liked the sign (said it was a nice quote) but questioned my judgement on the polka dotted hippo. Seriously, how he even notices these things is beyond me. I literally had it already positioned on a shelf as a book end when he arrived home and it took less than 2 minutes for him to zero in on it. It's like he's a freakin blood hound whose job is to sniff out his wife's new purchases!

Someday maybe he'll appreciate my frugal spending.

It's for the kids babe. The kids. 

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