Nov 13, 2011

Windy Sunday Funday in Photos

Casper has some silly wind. 
It's been keeping me up at night as I lie in bed expecting our bedroom windows to shatter. A week ago, I passed a semi-truck on the side of the road which had blown over. Blown.Over! And yesterday, an entire road was shut down due to gale force gusts. 

It makes doing anything outdoors near impossible so instead, we spent our Sunday Funday tucked away inside, safe from the blustery weather. 

We started off the morning by going out for breakfast. We've recently committed to only eating out one meal per week to save money so this means our quota was reached especially early for the coming week. Totally worth it to me though because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. 

Here, the hubbin was using creamer cups to illustrate a certain point about the stages of life. Clearly our breakfast convos are particularly deep. 

Keane was in dire need of some new jeans as evidence by several new holes in his current pairs so after breakfast, we did some serious damage at the mall. 

Now that I've gotten a glimpse into the frigid Wyoming winter (and it's not even Thanksgiving yet...helpme), I decided it was smart to invest in this beauty. Not only is it super warm and soft, PETA would be pleased with me because it's faux fur unlike many others we saw. 

We cozied up together and watched our Broncos beat the Chiefs (woo woo!). It may not have been the pettiest win, but it was a win nonetheless so we'll take it!

When our tummies began rumbling, we headed to the grocery store for our weekly shopping trip. Cardinal rule about grocery shopping? NEVER go on an empty stomach. It's not good news.

A really fun thing happened when we got home. I found my O Magazine in shreds all around the house. To address this travesty, we politely asked our Cashboy to lie down so we could rest the evidence on his body, thus showing him this was my magazine, not his. Cash is a very dominant boy and if we aren't clear about who the pack leaders are in our house, casualties like my O Magazine happen. 
(RIP November issue)
We've learned all we know from Caesar Milan, and what Caesar says, goes. 

After a few minutes, we asked Cash to get up and gave him a quick pet so he knew we still loved him.  We were finally able to unload our groceries and write down this week's menu on my DIY dry erase board. I do this each week for a few reasons. It helps me remember what I intended to make throughout the week so no ingredients go to waste. I used to find myself forgetting why in the world I bought cilantro or fresh basil and by the time I realized, they were rotten. It was money (and food) down the drain. This method also helps me stay organized. I plan meals according to what we have going on each night. If I know I'm going to an evening yoga class on Wednesday, I will plan something quick and easy for that night so I'm not slaving away for hours when I get home. Or, if I know Keane has to work late one night, I might plan something a little more time intensive and have it ready when he gets home. It also cuts down on the last minute stress of finding something to make when I get home at 5:30pm. I know what I'll be making and I know I already have all the ingredients. It's a method we've discovered works well for us after years of having lived together. 

We wrapped up our weekend with some LOST (only 24 more episodes left :( I don't ever want it to end) and we each started a new book before bed.  

Our Sunday shaped up to be, in fact, a Funday despite the unpleasant wind. Thanksgiving is next week which means days off! I'll be trying my hand at the whole meal on my own this year since we've decided to stay in Casper. Should be interesting.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

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