Mar 26, 2012

I LOVE Mondays. Or something.

I love Mondays, I love Mondays, I love Mondays. 
I'm hoping if I say it enough, it will start to become true. 

I've been thanking my lucky Wyoming stars for an unseasonably warm spring during which I've been sunning my pasty self in preparation for Hawaii. Don't look too close or my translucent skin might burn a hole right through your retina. 

I was recently informed that these temperatures call for straw cowboy hats, so Keane wore his all weekend long– while on walks, while sitting by the river, while driving in the car, and while drinking coffee. 
Country looks good on that guy, I think. 

We used our new-to-us gas grill for the first time on Sunday. Keane's friend gave it to us a few months ago when he was moving and it's finally warm enough for us to start putting it to work. 
Steaks, artichokes and homemade sweet potato fries were on the menu. Yumm!

Have you all seen The Hunger Games? Me too. Did you love it? Me too. Did you wake up in cold sweats that night after dreaming you were being hunted in an engineered forest? Me too. 

Happy Monday peeps. Hope it's great. 

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