Jun 25, 2012

Golden Birthday Camping

I'm officially in need of a weekend from my weekend. Who's with me?! Camping was wonderful and a welcomed escape from this blistering heat. Hubs' birthday is this Wednesday, so to celebrate we headed north to the Bighorn National Forest to spend a couple days in nature. We hiked and hammocked, cooked and campfired, and I finally got to see my moose! That was the only animal we didn't see during our trip to Yellowstone last year so you can bet there was a fair amount of high-fiving when we spotted a mama, papa and baby moose on our hike. Then, as icing on my moose cake, a whole group of them called to each other all night right outside our campsite. Excuse me while I put one big CHECK next to "moose encounter" on the bucket list.

Oh, and here's some fun trivia for you on this Monday afternoon. If a couple embarks on a four hour hike through the woods, how long will it take their white Husky to locate a pile of fresh animal poo and roll in it? 

3 minutes. The answer is 3 minutes. 

Seriously, what is wrong with that dog? Later that afternoon, we gave him a bath in the river with baby wipes and bar soap because... eww.

Here are some pictures from our weekend away. Happy Monday!

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