Jun 19, 2012

Just the two of us

Sunday night, as we were lying in bed recounting the events of our weekend, Keane mentioned that our carefree days as a married couple in Wyoming were almost over. In fact, it happened to be the last weekend we'd have to ourselves before returning to a much faster-paced life. I ran through the upcoming weekends in my head: camping trip next week, visitors the following, back to Colorado for the Fourth of July, then finishing up our jobs and packing to move.

That's when it hit me. For the past 14 months of my life, I haven't had to share my husband with anyone. Our nights and weekends have belonged to us, reserved for exploring unknown territories and creating memories only the two of us would keep. I've grown accustomed to being selfish with the time I have with him– time free of any distractions or outside obligations to attend to. Our little life up here in the Cowboy State has been beautifully uncomplicated.

But soon that will all change. While we are so looking forward to being close to our loved ones again, with that comes added complexity. There will be more things to do, more people to see, more commitments to fulfill. I will no longer have my other half all to myself. Living in a larger city means commutes will be longer and traffic will be worse. Days will speed up and weeks will fly by. In a month, our lives will undoubtably become more complicated and the refreshing simplicity of small-town living will be a sweet but distant memory.

Although I'm looking forward to our next chapter and all that it will bring, I will forever cherish our time in Wyoming because it signifies the two of us. Keane and I have grown leaps and bounds together in marriage and in friendship throughout this experience and for that, I am eternally grateful.

As it turns out, life is pretty sweet when you're willing to take risks and open yourself up to exciting new opportunities.


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