Aug 17, 2012

Three years

It's been three years since I put on that white dress of mine and said 'I Do' to my best friend.
Three years since I sealed my commitment to him with a kiss and we danced the night away in a sea of our favorite people.

Each new year together brings about growth and change. Our relationship is constantly evolving. We've learned some pretty important things about marriage, unfortunately by watching those around us struggle, and last year on our second wedding anniversary, I reflected on them. 

I think about marriage a lot. 
I think about how awesome it is to be able to spend your whole life with someone who truly gets you. How amazing it feels to fall more and more in love with that person each day. How exciting it is to share new experiences, travel and adventure together. 

But I also think about how our society has turned marriage into a joke by fooling people with unrealistic expectations. I think about all those who walk into marriage, taking comfort in knowing there is an out when things get tough. I think about their apparent shock to discover it isn't, in fact, a fairy tale and that happily ever after requires substantial effort.

This year, Keane and I have learned that in order to be connected, we have to stay connected. It's harder to find your way back to the middle once you've drifted apart, and it's a better use of energy to nourish our relationship a little each day rather than fighting to rebuild it after a period of neglect.  

We've also learned that the most important thing we can do for our marriage is to spend time alone together, without any distractions, because it's impossible to communicate if we never make time to do it!

So, here's to us, Mr. Ray. I can't wait to discover what lessons the next hundred and ten years hold! You are pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever, and I love you with my whole heart. 


  1. Congratulations to you and Keane. What a beautiful and well-written post!

  2. Congratulations!


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