Dec 4, 2012

It's a...

We are in big trouble because this little lady already has us wrapped around her tiny finger. From the moment we found out we were having a daughter, our hearts melted into a pile of mush, and I believe Keane's exact words were, "I'm going to suck on her cheeks all day!" 

I was pretty sure we were having a boy so the news came as quite a shock to me. I actually thought as we were opening the envelope last week, that it was going to be a strange choice for the nurse to write "Boy" on pink paper until I read the words, "Congratulations! It's a girl!" 

We had a gender reveal party for our family on Saturday after making them wait all week to find out the big news. 

We lined the entry to our home with pink balloons and took pictures of everyone's reaction as they made their way in. It was a pretty special occasion and the first of many parties we will undoubtably throw for this little princess. 

You are so loved already, sweet girl. We can't wait for April to come so we can suck on those cheeks of yours.


  1. this is so cute...i love your family's expressions! congrats! :)

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyy! You guys are the cutest! Adorable pregnant lady, adorable house, adorable party, and an adorable little girl on the way. Couldn't be more happy for you two! This little girl is so lucky to have such amazing parents!


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