Jan 29, 2013

Looking for the beauty in it all (and a few updates)

I went to my first prenatal yoga class over the weekend. Yoga has always been such a necessary release for me. I love that a good class with a seasoned instructor can push my physical limitations while also stretching my mind and spirit in new ways. This class was no different. 

It was such an incredible support having 15 other pregnant women in one space who were all going through similar experiences. Our instructor spoke to the idea that during pregnancy, we have a tendency to dwell on the difficult things that might be happening to us: we've been sick, our bodies hurt, we are hormonal basket cases, etc. But she asked us to call to mind a few things that we are enjoying, even loving, about this process and share them with the group, because as much as it can be challenging, pregnancy is also intensely beautiful. 

I'll be honest, it took me a minute to come up with something that I've loved about this pregnancy. Because she was right, recalling challenges is a far easier assignment.

But after running through the list of poor me's in my head, I remembered what a miracle it is that my body is creating another human life. I thought about this tiny person inside of me who blinks and hears and makes fists and kicks my ribs all day long. I sustain and nourish that baby all on my own and that is truly incredible. 

I love that as a woman, I get to experience this process, even when it's not easy. I shared with the group that I feel this incredible connection with her already and the love I have for her is unlike anything I've ever known. I was meant to be a mom– my whole life has been preparing me for this time. 

I shared that feeling her move inside of me has been my favorite part about pregnancy because it's a constant reminder that she is healthy and growing and will soon be on the other side in our arms. Her tiny, rhythmic hiccups make my heart smile, and the joy I see in her daddy's eyes each time he talks about her never gets old. This truly is a remarkable process and I am so grateful to my body for being strong through it all. 

basketball belly//great cloth diaper display near our house//tour of hubby's job site//27 weeks

decorating baby girl's nursery//early morning workouts//28 weeks//green machine

And now for a few updates: Baby and I are feeling great and are now solid into our third trimester. We started our natural birthing classes a couple weeks ago. They have been so helpful and have only increased my excitement to give birth. I really have no fears about what's to come.

We had our glucose test yesterday at the birth center. I love their method for the test. Instead of making poor pregnant mommies fast for 12 hours, chug a ton of sugar water, and then get blood draws repeatedly for several hours, I ate a normal breakfast at home, drank two organic apple juice boxes from Whole Foods, and an hour later, drove to their office for a single blood test. So much easier on my body! We find out the results of the test later this week but I'm not too concerned.

Now that I'm in my third trimester, I'll be seeing my midwives every two weeks instead of once a month.  Breastfeeding class is next up on the list, and then infant care. I think that class should be cake since I take care of 9 infants each day, but it will be fun to see Keane change the doll's diaper and learn how to swaddle a baby.


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