Feb 4, 2013

Artists we are not

Yesterday at our birthing class, we were asked to draw a picture of how we anticipate our labor looking. Our pictures could be abstract or realistic but should portray our visions for this experience. 

Mine is on the left and Keane's is on the right. 

Since I am a horrible artist, I drew symbols to describe the emotions I expect to be feeling while in labor. More than anything, I'm so excited about what is to come. I can't wait to experience labor because it means we will finally get to meet our babe. In addition to excitement, I also have uncertainties because the unknown has a way of making us feel a bit out of control. Obviously, the ultimate goal at the end of all this is to have a healthy baby in our arms, so I hope to remain as flexible as possible throughout it all. I drew hearts to show the love we will feel for our new addition when she arrives, and each member of our family adjusting to our new lives together. 

Keane's picture makes me smile. He drew a picture of me sitting on a birth ball at our house. He is standing behind me rubbing my shoulders while our dogs sit dutifully at our feet. He pointed out that he depicted a confident expression on my face because he has such faith in my ability to handle this experience gracefully. Please note the expression on his face :0) 

I plan on putting these pictures in Raybie's baby book for us all to smile at for years to come. 

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