Apr 29, 2013

Two week update

How is it possible for two weeks to fly by so fast? Especially when all you do each day is snuggle soft little baby parts? What a lovely time warp this has been! 

Keane is back at work today and little Livi and I are on our own. I think she's taking pity on me because she knows it's my first day flying solo. She's been sleeping great and is even letting me put her down so that I can do a few things that require both hands, namely brush my teeth and scarf down a meal or two. 

We've finally had some semblance of spring these last few days which allowed us to get outside and experience life as real, functioning people again. A few trips around the neighborhood in the stroller, some sunshine and chirping birds all do wonders for a new mom's mood.

Here are a few pictures from last week. I've already had to free up space on my phone and camera because I'm averaging approximately 42,000 photos per day of our little peanut brittle. 

But really, how am I supposed to resist this amount of cute? 

Happy Monday!


  1. So adorable - she looks so alert, Alice x

  2. what an adorable baby =) you must be so proud


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