Nov 7, 2013

Leaf Lessons

Our trees are almost bare, the temperature is dropping and daylight savings hit us hard over the weekend. Winter is well on its way. Soon we will have to get creative with our days but for now, we are reveling in the last of the mild fall temperatures and spending plenty of time outside exploring new leaves!
We love leaves!
Seeing things that I typically take for granted through a fresh set of eyes is such a joy. It's incredible to watch Liv study a blade of grass or crunch a leaf in the palm of her hand. It's truly the ultimate lesson in slowing down and showing up in every moment. 

It can be so easy to overlook the beauty and wonder that surrounds me while I rush around from thing to thing, but Liv teaches me that this moment is it. It's all there is and it's enough.

Breathe deeply, connect with something bigger, choose love, express gratitude for what we have. Those are the things this tiny human helps me do each day.  
She is a wise one, my Liv. 
So today, we challenge you to take a moment wherever you are and spot 5 beautiful things in your environment, then be grateful that you are alive to experience them. 
Life is good today, friends.

and so it is...

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