Dec 16, 2014

20 month goodies

It's official, 20 months is my favorite age! The things that come out of this little turkey's mouth are both hilarious and sweet, sassy and thoughtful. She soaks everything up like a sponge and she is unbelievably empathetic– she really has the best personality! There's not a chance I'm biased about this either. 

Here are some the "kill me with cute" things Liv is doing currently:

I have never formally worked with her on numbers (or anything else for that matter). I don't find it necessary to force learning at this age but I'm constantly talking to her and she LOVES books so we read all throughout the day. A few weeks ago, she started saying, "One, two, free, go!" before she'd jump off a step or run down the sidewalk. Then one day she counted to 10, unprompted and out of the blue. "One, two, free, four, six, nine, ten!" She did it again and again the exact same way and has ever since.

I am very big on kids having manners so we work on saying please and thank you a lot. This morning when I set her breakfast in front of her, she said, "Here ya go, thank you, welcome!" Just covering all the bases :)
She says, "Ta-da" when she completes something, "bummer dude" when something unfortunate happens, and is obsessed with picking her toe jams (thanks papa!). She knows how to put her own socks and shoes on and insists on having a turn buckling her highchair straps and zipping her coat. The other day I overheard her saying, "Pee-Ew! Papa tooted." Papa wasn't even home.

Current cute words:

-Heggie (heavy)
-Beeyo (video)
-Peekies (pictures)
-Wib (Liv)
-Wogurt (yogurt)
-Whood (food)
-Kinnie (her cousin Corynn who we call Corynnie)
-Tadin (her cousin Cavan)
-Damaw (grandma)
-Peas (please)
-Oss (off)
-Tinky (stinky)

I have to censor myself when I talk to the dogs now that Liv picks up on everything. She walks outside on the back deck and waves her finger in the air shouting, "no, no, no barkin!" and demands that they "way down" when they come inside. She tells them to "zip it" quite often.

She also says, "top it!" and "hey!" in a very sassy manner when she is objecting to something.
Liv is a very reasonable kid. I can often use logic to explain why we have to keep our coat on when we're outside and why we can't eat crackers for every meal. She is also cautious and considerate. If I ask her to be careful of the hot oven door, she will be. She is curious yet respectful of the fragile ornaments on the Christmas tree and is sure to only look with her eyes.

If someone is hurt or sad, she leans in to their face and says, "you OK?" in a sweet, high voice while cupping their chin in her hand. When they respond that they're OK, she says, "I'm OK too."

I hope to never forget how adorable and remarkable this age truly is. Each day gets a little sweeter with this precious girl. 

What a blessing she is in our lives!


  1. Loved this little update, it's been so fun to watch your family grow.

    1. Thanks Kayla! I appreciate you reading :)


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