Jan 30, 2011

Mr. Pants

This... Mr. Pants. Keane saddled him up the other night with these jeans, which was very fitting since this has been his nickname since he was a pup.

He also responds to Monsuego, Moosh, Mitters, Moo Moos, and Butters. Seriously, I could yell any one of these at the dog park and he would come. LOVE this guy! So, as an homage to Mitters, I put together a little "Dog Days" montage.

I threw in those last couple just to prove that this guy can take a bad picture. Once in a while. I mean he is only human dog. 

Is this not one of the most beautiful dogs you have EVER seen?!

PS- Feeks, don't be jealous. I'm working on your photos and will have a similar post for you soon. Your glory days are comin' sister!

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