Mar 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We were in Vail over the weekend celebrating our friend's 25th birthday. We surprised him by decorating his hotel room and popping out from behind furniture when he walked in. He was surprised indeed. Once he changed into a clean pair of underwear, Jon gave us hugs and we began our celebration.

After exploring Vail Village and stocking up on some overpriced snacks, we hung out in the hot tub before getting ready for the night. Later, we went out for dinner and dancing. The people watching in Vail was some of the best I'd ever seen. Cougars roamed the streets in their mini dresses and thigh high boots. It was very "see and be seen" so needless to say, we fit right in.

Only kidding.

We witnessed some pretty strange things at dinner which included inappropriate fondling and what can only be described as drug-induced raging at our neighboring table. The night got progressively weird when this same group of ladies (who were in their 40's might I add) began making out with each other on the dance floor in front of their husbands. Call me crazy but I thought girls stopped doing that for attention in their 20's. Anyone? Anyone?

Anyhoo, this tree was beautiful.

On Sunday I had a super relaxing "me" day. I sat in the sauna, got a massage, took a nap, and caught up on my book while everyone else skied. 

It was a great weekend but I was glad to get home to see our pups and get some good sleep. I will be back with more pictures from the weekend just as soon as I figure out how to get them off our new camera.

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