May 25, 2011

So long, O

I think it's safe to say that today was momentous for most American women. At least it was for me. Oprah Winfrey's final episode aired this afternoon and I cried just as I have cried countless times before while watching her show. She is truly one of the most influential people of our time and one of my personal role models.

Growing up, each day when 4:00pm rolled around, my Mom would turn the TV to The Oprah Winfrey Show (as it was called in the early years). I had enough exposure to the show that I became hooked in high school, and by college, I rarely missed an episode, often scheduling my classes around it. Then, a nifty little device called the DVR became available and revolutionized my TV viewing forever. I no longer had to plan my life around my favorite show, I just recorded every episode and then watched them each day when I got home from work. Keane hated this new found flexibility because it meant that he was forced to "watch" them too since our TV was in the main living area of our house. He used to sarcastically ask, "What's this episode about? Women who have penises?" Either way, her shows were always touching and I rarely had a dry eye.

There really wasn't anyone like her on television and that is why I found her so refreshing. She has inspired me in so many ways and it was very sad watching her say goodbye today. I will always view her as a teacher and a beautiful soul who touched so many lives. She will be missed.

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