Jun 19, 2011

Daily Dose of Inspiration

For the last few years, Keane and I have continued on with the same discussion that has become so familiar to us. The topic always seems to come up while we are hiking together in the vast outdoors, on a long car ride, or looking in to each other's souls over a meal.

We discuss what we think we should be gaining from our experience on this earth and how we go about living our best life. We try to come up with ways to make a living doing exactly what we love while still being present and together with the family we will one day have. We discuss different possibilities, risks and payoffs. We talk about our past and envision our future. But ultimately, we trust that our highest potentials will be met and we will live a fulfilled life with blessings that are beyond our imagining.

Two things happened this morning.

One: I woke up before Keane (normal) and made my way to the couch before starting breakfast. I turned on the TV to find one of those mass-televised Ministers preaching on Sunday morning. For some reason, I didn't immediately change the channel (that never happens). The Minister was speaking about believing with all your might that great things are happening in your life and refusing to be contained by limitations set by your own mind. He said whatever dream you may have for yourself, God's dream for you is multiplied by a thousand. After speaking about career goals, he changed his tune a bit. "If your dream is to live without physical pain, it will be. If you simply want to walk, God will help you run. If you want to live like you did before your injury, God will make you stronger than you've ever been." I cried (that always happens).

Two: Immediately after, I read this beautiful blog post by one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa. Her honest words were just another nudge and wink from the universe to reinforce my suspicions that work is happening, things are unfolding. All we must do is ask, then listen for the answer to come. Just dream (really big), and trust. 

These two experiences proved to be my daily dose of inspiration and hope- and all before 9:30 am! A reminder that one day I will be stronger and healthier than I've ever been before, and the inspiration that my heart's desire for a fulfilling career will manifest in ways that I least expect.

I know my body will heal and with that, I will have all the strength needed to pursue my greatest good. With modesty, I admit to being told several times that I need to be a writer. That is a dream that I will hold close if or until it comes to be. I would love to make money creating art because it feeds my soul and gives me joy. I also adore being around children- teaching them, learning from them, and loving them. However, my mind immediately limits my potential by saying, "There is no well-paying job whose duties include writing, crafting, and teaching children, while still being able to spend days with my family." Maybe so. But who am I to limit the unfoldings of the universe? Of God? I've come to learn that I know very little about very few things in the grand scheme of life. 

So I will wait and see where life takes us, remaining confident we are always on the right path, because really, that's the only one there ever is. 

One of the vows that Keane and I wrote and proclaimed to one another almost two years ago was to inspire each other on a daily basis. Our reoccurring conversations about this limitless life of ours have definitely inspired the two of us to open our minds and hearts to all the possibilities that await us, even if we don't know what they are yet. 

Until then, we will continue to talk, to dream, to inspire, and to be inspired. daily. 

and so it is...

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