Jun 5, 2011

KK and JK

Two of our most favorite people on earth came to visit us this weekend. Jon and Kendal have been our closest friends for several years. Jon, Keane and I all went to the same high school in Boulder and Jon and Keane have known each other since they were 12. Kendal and I met after she began dating Jon in 2004.

We all joke that we see each other more often than we see our families- or we used to until we moved away, so it was great to be back together again! I have so much trust in these people. We are able to completely be ourselves and there is never any drama. We can laugh until our bellies hurt, debate differing political views, and discuss spirituality all in the same setting (and we usually do).

I am so grateful for their friendship. So in honor of them, I put together a video of some of our favorite memories with these two over the years including events from the last few days in Wyoming.

We love you guys!!

Untitled from on Vimeo.

1 comment:

  1. KK!
    What a wonderful post!! Your guy's friendship means the world to us! We miss you more than you even know! Cant wait to be reunited!!!

    Love you to pieces!!
    Toots. Magoots.


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