Jun 28, 2011

You're the VIP. You get the first slice of the P-I-E!

 The mister got to choose all of last night's activities because it was his birthday which meant he was the VIP and got the first slice of the P-I-E. (Big thanks to my friend Courtney's invaluable waitressing experience where she picked up that little number.)

After getting off work "early" (early was 5:30pm after already putting in 11 hours. Can I get a woop woop for the construction industry?!), he decided he wanted to play frisbee golf. So, being the outstanding post-spinal surgery wife that I am, I walked along side him while he played to his heart's content. 

When he saw this picture, he actually said he should teach a class on disc throwing form, and while I agree, I'm also thankful our wide doorways accommodate his big head. 

I joke. But really. 

See our little comrades in the background? They go everywhere with us, even if they have to wait in the truck under a shade tree because there are far too many ground squirrels to be chased. Oh the life of a dog. 

The views weren't half bad from the ole' frolf course either. 

Again, with the form. 

Oh, and what do you know? Go team Keane! That's always the team I'm on, mostly because it sounds good. 

There was even some celebratory "freestyle walking" as Keane refers to it. 
Notice the cross in his legs. Such talent is raw and can't be taught.  

Aaaand, scene for frisbee golf. 

Next we move to birthday dinner at hubbin's favorite restaurant in the Rock: Wingers. We munched on complimentary popcorn, drank Colorado beer (which was not complimentary by the way. The nerve!), and ate some very sticky wings. 

And to top the night off, an embarrassing but obligatory rendition of the 'Happy Birthday Song,' Wingers style. 

What a good sport he was. 

Pretty great night if you ask me, but I wasn't the birthday boy, so don't ask me. 

Ask this one. 

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