Jul 28, 2011

What I'd tell my 14 year old self

Stop worrying about things you have no control over. 
Life happens how it is supposed to and gives little regard to your anxieties. Go with the flow. 
Give up the need to people please and give no energy to what anyone else thinks of you. 
Be you.
Don't second guess yourself. 
Be you. 
Embrace your beautiful differences. 
Be you.
Stand up straight and look people in the eye. Someday you will love being so tall. 
Study less and play more. You'll still get the same grades but without the unnecessary perfectionism. 
Really listen to compliments people give and disregard negative remarks. They have no bearing and are usually born out of insecurity or jealousy.
Slow down. Be present in each moment. Embrace silence. Thank God for the gift of this life, this mind, this body. 
Smile big. Find joy in the little things. Release tension, worry, and speculation. 
Life is short so love hard.  
Be you. 

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