Aug 1, 2011

Cowboys come tall, Cowboys come small

The rodeo came to our small town recently so Keane and I took the opportunity to brush off our hats and boots and get in on the action.

I had never been to an outdoor rodeo so being able to enjoy it while also watching the sun set was amazing.

There is something so unique and beautiful about Wyoming clouds. I have never seen anything quite like them. Being that we are almost 2,000 feet higher in elevation than Denver, the clouds seem so close you could reach out and touch them. They are whimsical and soft and straight from the illustrations of a storybook.

I proved to be the creepy woman who took pictures of other people's children because pint-size cowboys are impossible to resist! I mean, have you ever seen something so precious?! 

The evening was full of good, old-fashioned, country western fun. We are thinking about pitching a show to TCL about a man and his wife on the pursuit of the simple things in life. It would follow us as we learn to become ranch hands in Idaho while dressing like this everyday. 

I think it could be big. 


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