Aug 2, 2011

Notable Words

Today's Daily Word is especially meaningful to us during this time of uncertainty. We have been hearing snippets from Keane's company regarding our next move and while we wait to see what life holds for us in the next several months, we release any worries about our future. 

Instead, we remain comforted by faith and the knowledge that there is no bad opportunity. So with that, we will keep moving forward, worry-free. 

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I release every concern and move forward with faith in God.
How often have I spent precious moments of my time worrying about something that never came to be? Worry is a conscious choice, but is it a constructive way to spend my day?
Today I choose to refrain from worry and live in faith. Faith is the opposite of worry for faith allows me to let go of what is troubling me and release it to God. Through faith in God, I experience the joy of the present moment. Through faith in God, I am free from stress or concern.
I cannot predict what will happen to me or my loved ones on any given day, but I can make the choice to be positive and worry-free. By doing so, I move forward in faith, living in the moment and trusting God for right outcomes.
Therefore I tell you, do not worry.--Matthew 6:25

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