Sep 15, 2011

Hex nut bracelet tutorial

Here's how I DIY did it myself:

I purchased a yard of rope in the upholstery section of the craft store for a dollar or so. Then I went to Home Depot to find gold nuts since all the other stores I looked at only carried silver. The gold were more expensive than silver but also prettier in my opinion so I sprung for them. I bought 3 packs of 4. 

When I got home, I cut the rope into three equal sections so I could braid the bracelet. I wrapped tape around each end so they wouldn't unravel. This also made threading easier. 

And while I only have two hands and I don't ask for Keane's involvement in such things (he would help but I choose to spare him), I didn't get any pictures of the braiding process. Mental pictures are good too though, so I'll tell you that I used all of my appendages for this project. My heels sandwiched the end so I could pull the braid tight with my hands. 

I found it helpful to thread each strand with four nuts in the beginning and let them hang at the bottom. That way, I could just slide one up each time I braided a section and I didn't have to worry about letting go of the rope to thread them on.  

FInally, I tied the ends and trimmed the ropes to an even length. 

I love the color of the rope but it was a little thicker than I had wanted which made for a very chunky bracelet after it was braided three layers deep. 

Here it is in action on date night, paired with another flashy and chunky gold bracelet from F21. Keane told me I looked like Prince of Persia with all my gaudy jewels that night. 

I'm A-Ok with the only real jewels being the ones on my finger. There's no shame in pairing hardware from Home Depot with your big fat dee-mones. 

It's thrifty and stylish and you can't beat that. 

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