Sep 13, 2011

This s@$t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

In the words of Gwen Stefani and Rachel Zoe, this post is going to be bananas. 

A few nights ago, I watched some show on some channel for some minutes (because that is all I could stomach, really). It was about infidelity. A woman was being interviewed for her research on the subject and for ultimately writing a book on the idea that men shouldn't be expected to remain monogamous in relationships because they are simply animals who aren't made to commit to only one partner for the rest of their days. 

::Please excuse while I toss my cookies::

Ok I'm back. 

This same woman admitted to being cheated on in every one of her long term, exclusive relationships so she decided to simply lower the bar for all men and blame this behavior on their chromosomal makeup.

::Again, just threw up in my mouth a little::

After coming to terms with her new philosophy, she married a man and actually began arranging other women to come over and sleep with her husband. In their house. After she just cooked them dinner. 

She insisted that this arrangement was essential for a healthy relationship because it would prevent her husband from having any desire to stray. She claimed not to experience any jealousy or anger surrounding his infidelity since she was in control over who came to her house to sleep with him. The segment even showed her casually painting her nails in the next room while her husband was with another woman. 

Totally weird. 

I wanted to grab this coo coo bird by the shoulders and shake her. Did it ever cross her mind that maybe she was simply choosing the wrong guys all along? That not all men are womanizers who can't control themselves? 

What does she think will happen if we all lower our expectations of men to that of say, a primate? 
My guess is that is exactly what they'll live up to. 

And call me crazy but I don't think that "gifting" other people to her husband will earn her or any other woman any amount of respect, so the cycle will likely continue. 

Oh, and while we're at it?  Women cheat too. Lots of them. I can't imagine many men who would search out other guys to bring home for their wives just to ensure they'll stick around. 

So instead of giving men a hall pass because of some scumbag's actions, why not hold everyone to an equally high standard and don't be in a relationship if you can't be monogamous?
Crazy idea, I know. 

The whole thing is creepy. A very creepy double standard that is sure to fail miserably the minute her husband realizes how little she expects of him. What incentive does he have to stick around at that point? All intimacy is lost and trust is thrown out the window. And what do family dinners sound like? "So honey, how was your time with that one blonde chick? Did you have fun? Oh good, I'm so glad."  

BIZARRO I tell you.

So, to that nutty lady I would say, have a little more respect for yourself. If it takes sexual relationships with random women to keep your partner around, get rid of him. He doesn't really want you anyway. And just because you may feel "control" over the women he is with, doesn't make him any less of a cheater!

So there it is. A frenzied rant sparked by the audacity of a very silly person who made it on TV.

Bananas, right? Can't say I didn't warn you.

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