Dec 3, 2011


Obsessing over: Frye boots. I'm in the market for a new pair of boots (you know, since the hubbin has two pairs of cowboy boots now) and have had my eye on the Frye Harness "12R" boots for years. They're versatile for both winter and summer and look great with jeans or skirts. Santa, I'm talkin to you.

Working on: Sewing projects! A few Christmas presents and one for myself which I will share as soon as it's presentable. 

Thinking about: Work. On a Saturday?! I know, it's a shame and I'm breaking the cardinal rule of weekends. I've been having a hard time shutting my mind off when I leave work. I've never had a job with as much pressure or as many deadlines. I love love love the work I'm doing but I find myself thinking about ideas and projects on a walk with the dogs, in mid conversation with a friend or while I'm dreaming at night (seriously). I need to be better about leaving work at work. 

Anticipating: Christmas in Colorado with our families and friends. I hope it SNOWS.

Listening to: Does TV count? I'm watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. I think I need to be a wedding planner in my next life. Or maybe in this one. I like to keep my options open. 

Drinking: English Breakfast tea with agave nectar and milk. mmmmmmm.

Wishing: My back and leg pain would go away for good. Another story for another time. 

and just because I can...
Uncle Keane (or Uncle Papa as he is now called) and baby Lily on her last trip to Wyo

I hope all you lovelies are enjoying your weekend! 

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