Dec 28, 2011


Well, another Christmas came and went. 
We spent the holidays in Colorado where the wind was scarce and the snow was plentiful! 
Aside from a few holiday buzz kills which included some less than promising MRI findings and a gnarly case of the stomach flu (I'm talking gnarly), we had a sweet long weekend. 

We split time between Keane's parents on Friday and Saturday, and spent Christmas day with my family. We ate, opened gifts, played games, went for hikes, made s'mores, watched movies, and ate some more! 

The drive to Colorado was treacherous to say the least. This shows how snow-packed and icy the highway was for the first three and a half hours of our journey.

Keane got some sa-weeeet coveralls in which he resembles a very sexy lumberjack. 
Mmm mmm. 

Lily channeled her inner diva, donning a scarf and new headband. 

I sent the mister on a scavenger hunt around the house, hunting for holiday cash. 
(Not to be confused with holiday Cash) 
I had to cross off one of my clues at the last minute because I gave a $5 bill to a homeless man the day before. 
Keane understood. 

And now, for a host of super cute babies and tots and preschoolers, oh my!

I made a few gifts this holiday season, including headbands for all the little girls in the family, and hot chocolate kits and brown sugar body scrub for some of the adults. 

And something funny? 
The headband I made for my 2.5 year old niece also fits me. 
Turns out her head is in the 90th percentile or something crazy and mine may not even be on the charts.  

Ho Ho Ho!!!

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