Dec 30, 2011

2011: Year in Review

January 4th marks the first birthday of this blog.
One year ago, I made it a new years resolution to write more often, and decided to create a public place for friends and family to be able to keep tabs on our happenings.

This little space has provided me with an enormous creative outlet.
It's continually been a place I could use to chronicle memories and share stories about our day-to-day lives. I love that people from all over the world stop in each day to read the sometimes serious, mostly silly, and often mundane aspects of our humble lives.
(Hello Russia, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Chile, Brazil, Slovenia, Columbia, United Kingdom, Latvia, Netherlands, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Afganistan, Taiwan, and Canada!!! Thanks for reading!)

With that said, here is our 2011 year in review:

In January, the hubs and I ventured back to the place we were married for a winter weekend getaway. We became an auntie and an uncle for the sixth time with the arrival of our niece, Lily, and I toyed with the idea of staying behind while my mister moved to Wyoming. 

In February, we celebrated a dear friend's birthday while she was visiting town. Keane's parents informed us of their separation, we tried out our new mountain bikes, and began packing up our lives to start a grand adventure.

March brought with it new gadgets, reflection on relationships, and an inspiring change in seasons.

In April, we decided I would quit my job and move to Wyoming to support my husband, but only after helping my sister while they welcomed their third baby into the family. Keane made me laugh and I got a second steroid injection in my back.

 May brought winds of change (literally) when I was finally reunited with my family. We explored our new home, got really lost, and I made a tough decision.

 In June, we welcomed our best friends for a weekend stay, then traveled back to Colorado for a serious spinal surgery. I missed my family, and the love of my life turned 26. 

In July, we celebrated another birthday, hosted a few visitors, and I taught myself how to sew

I began to fall in love with Wyoming in August. We went camping almost every weekend and exchanged cotton gifts on our second wedding anniversary

September! September was legit. We discovered we would be moving again and I attempted to remain present in each moment. We took an epic trip to Yellowstone in the 'Bearded Clam' and I spent my golden birthday on a Harley.

In October, I was mean and we dealt with a major poop-related problem. I started my amazing new job and we dressed up for my favorite holiday with our favorite people. 

I was honest about my past in November and focussed on thoughts of gratitude each week. We also cooked our first Thanksgiving meal all by ourselves. 

In December, Keane made me giggle so often that I started a new series of posts dedicated to documenting some of the occurrences. I continued to struggle with pain and was very proud of my man. Our Christmas went way too fast. 

2011 was a year of exciting change and new adventures. We experienced growth in our marriage and a new take on life's inevitable shifting. It was also a year of physical challenges and turbulent emotions, which I am committed to conquering no matter how long it takes.

I look forward to 2012 with wide open arms.
I anxiously await the experiences it will hold and the people it will bring into our lives.

Wishing you a safe, healthy and joyous New Year, my friends!

and so it is...

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