Jan 6, 2012


I got this book for Christmas from my sweet mama-in-law. It's actually the same book I got her last Christmas and she loved it so much that she bought me a copy. 

This daily devotional book is full of inspirational writing, stories and meditations to promote self-growth and awareness. 

Keane and I have been making it a habit of reading one section together each night before bed. It's already proven to be a great tool, sparking new thought and conversation between us. The book also provides prompts for a few moments of meditation after each section. 

If any of you might be interested, I would highly recommend it!

I'm excited to have this be something Keane and I can do together each day to quiet our minds and reconnect despite our hectic schedules, and I'm sure I'll be sharing many inspirational bits as I come across them. 



  1. one of my favorite books ever! I just bought this around a month ago. I read it each night before bed. Reading it with my husband sounds like an even better idea though, thanks. I plan on buying this book for gifts for many years to come.

  2. I'm glad to hear others love it as much as I do! A daily read like this is a nice routine.


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