Feb 13, 2012

Feelin Crafty: Maxi skirt tutorial

I've been tirelessly searching for a maxi skirt that would be long enough to fit my lanky lower half. They all seem to stop awkwardly between my calf and ankle, so I decided to just make my own. 

I picked up this oversized dress at Goodwill for $7. My first idea was to make a maxi dress by redesigning the top and bringing it up on each side but after running it through the washer and dryer, I realized it would be too short.

So maxi skirt it was!

I've found it to be much cheaper to get something from a thrift store and redesign it, rather than buying the fabric and starting from scratch. The fabric alone for something like this would probably be $10/yd and you'd need a few yards. It's also much easier in my opinion to work with something that's already made.
Hooray for cheap and simple!

First, I chopped the top just below the arms, knowing I could always take more off once I tried it on for length. It turned out to be just about perfect after I pinned the top down to make the waistband.

Next, I flipped the skirt inside-out, folded the top down about half an inch and then over again to make the casing for the elastic waistband. Then I stitched around the top, leaving a small opening. 

To make threading easier, I attached a safety pin and pulled the elastic through the opening. 

I sewed it up, flipped it right-side-out and it was done!

I love my new crunchy-granola-hippie skirt. Mostly because it feels like I'm wearing pajamas and in my dreams, I am allowed to wear pajamas everyday. 

So I guess what I'm saying is, this is the skirt of my dreams.

Oh, and it looks great with these puppies. 
Avatar moccs and a floor length jammie skirt? It doesn't get much better. 

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  1. SOOO cute! Love what you did. Way to think outside the box. you're cute =)


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