Feb 2, 2012

Last week, I gave my boyfriend Chlamydia

Except not really.

Because I don't have a boyfriend. Or Chlamydia for that matter.
But I did get to play the role of a high schooler who breaks the news to her boyfriend that he might have Chlamydia via hand-delivered note. How sweet and considerate of her!

One of our clients at work is KnoWyo. They aim to raise awareness regarding sexually transmitted diseases. This is the 5th television commercial in their series promoting the idea that there's only one way to know your STD status for sure and that's to get tested.

We came up with the concept and target audience for this commercial and I got busy writing the dreaded note which I promptly passed to a kind boy in a local high school classroom who volunteered to be the face of Chlamydia in Casper. What a good sport.

My hand totally passes as a high schooler's, right? I think it was the bright pink nails and girlie purple pen.

Know for sure, people!

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