Feb 8, 2012


This little lady had her first birthday party over the weekend and we dropped everything to be there. Keane's Nana and her new husband, Jim, came in from Tucson for the event. They were married on New Years Eve and because we weren't able to be at the wedding, this was our first chance to meet the man we've heard so much about. Nana and Jim met in their retirement community after their respective spouses of over 50 years had passed away. Their love story is wonderful and sweet and we are so happy for them to spend the remainder of their lives together. 

Most of Colorado was hit with a huge snowstorm that began late Thursday and lasted through Friday evening. We changed our original plan and decided to leave Thursday after work in hopes of missing the storm. We ended up driving most of the way in whiteout conditions with blowing snow and minimal visibility. Husband was our white-knuckled driver and said he normally wouldn't have been so concerned about the road conditions but because he was responsible for the lives of his family, he was under a lot more pressure to keep us safe. How sweet is he?! Very.
We passed the time by singing along to country songs, making up raps about our dogs and using the snowflakes and headlights to pretend we were flying through space at the speed of light. 
The normally 3.5 hour drive took 5.5. 

Schools and businesses were closed Friday because of the snow so we used the weather as an excuse to stay in our pjs until noon and take frequent naps throughout the day. We also decorated cupcakes for Lily's ladybug-themed party and got creative with pipe cleaners.

While Keane was enjoying some much needed family time, I snuck away for a couple coffee dates with some of my besties. It's always hard trying to fit everything into just a few days but we did our best!  

Happy first birthday Miss Lilybug. If it wasn't clear from the masses fawning over you all weekend, you are one loved little girl. 


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