Apr 10, 2012

Gimme The Loot

You guys. I am addicted to looking through people's junk and buying things that are under $5. 

I suppose there are worse things in life...

Over the weekend, I convinced Keane to stop by Goodwill with me while we were out and about. Since he has yet to develop my affinity for the sport of thrifting, he stayed in the car. 
"Half hour. That's all I ask," I said as I darted inside my thrifty paradise.
"No useless clutter," he replied.  
I pretended not to hear. 

20 minutes later, I emerged with two bags in my hand and a smile on my face. As I proudly presented my findings and boasted about their insane prices, he laughed and said he was glad that "buying cheap crap" made me so happy. That guy of mine... he is a good one and understands the power of the phrase, happy wife happy life

The Loot:
-a crystal liquor decanter I will likely use for decoration since we aren't big hard alcohol drinkers ($4)
-a rose gold metal tray ($1)
-a ceramic serving platter ($5)

I could not be more pleased with my latest findings. When we move back to CO and have a house with more space, it's game on. I'm in the market for a cake stand, some outdoor lanterns and a bookshelf to repurpose. 

You know what they say: One man's trash is my new fruit platter.


  1. I used to get so lucky at goodwill and lately it is just really bad junk :( I miss the good thrifting days! I love that platter!

  2. It's definitely hit or miss but always fun hunting!

  3. He will come around :-)
    my husband now LOVES to thrift with us, I already trained my son since birth to think of the thrift places as his second home so he doesn't mind the weekly days I go, he actually enjoys waving hi to the other thrifters :-)
    great finds!

  4. I agree with Jess, he'll come around! My hubby likes hitting up Goodwill with me now, but me and my little guy hit up all the local thrift stores at least twice a week - once you find some really cool things {for cheap} it starts to get addicting!

    Anyways, I love, love, love your little decanter and fruit platter - so cute!

  5. Thanks ladies. Good to know there's hope. Four hands are better than two for rummaging ;)


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