Apr 30, 2012

Keane's Quotables

Him: "This lotion smells like rotten sour cream."

Me: "Well my face smells like rotten eggs." 

Him: "Match made in heaven." 

I love apple cider vinegar. I mix it in my water, cook with it and recently started rubbing it on my face at night as a toner. Before you judge, an esthetician recommended it. 

After I wash my face with soap, I mix two parts water and one part raw apple cider vinegar, dab the mixture on my face with a cotton ball, let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse. 

A few nights ago, Keane happened to be moisturizing with some really old Udder Cream he found under the sink while I was applying my nightly regimen (See Also: STINKY). 
We were a sight for sore eyes noses. 

A short while later as we were lying in bed, I initiated this exchange:

Me: "Eww, your feet stink!"

Him: "No, Kelly. That's your face."

Me: "Oh. Right...sorry." 

It's a glamourous life we live. 


  1. Hahaha I love Udderly Smooth and ACV. Ive never put it on my face though, maybe Ill have to try that!

  2. You should try it! It's supposed to soften, exfoliate and balance pH levels. Worth a shot if you can get past smelling like a foot for 15 minutes :)


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