May 4, 2012


Beer o'clock at work; a color Keane dubbed "Sinus Infection Green"; "just because" flowers from my mister; no heat curls
Buddha for the bedroom; new flippy floppies, inside-out bang braid via Pinterest, savoring the last book in the trilogy 

Reading: Mockingjay. I read Catching Fire in the first few days of our trip and had to ration the last 100 pages so I'd have something to keep me busy on the plane home. Now that I'm on the third book, I don't want it to end so I'm limiting myself to 10 pages per night. I love it so much :)

Watching: Avatar. That movie never gets old and I love all the symbolism.

Thinking about: How happy I am for one of my best friends who recently got engaged in Italy! Shannon and her boyfriend have been together for 10 years (10 years!) and two weeks ago while they were visiting Rome, he popped the question in front of the Colosseum. She broke the news to me earlier this week when they got home and after a substantial amount of screaming and congratulatory tears, I heard the best part: The ring has 5 diamonds on each side of the center stone which, in his words, signifies each year he "made her wait." Be still, my beating heart.

Shannon is my sister from another mister and my soulmate of the friend variety. I couldn't be happier for those two!

Loving: My recent increase in energy and clarity which is likely a result of good sleep, hard workouts, and apple cider vinegar water. I seriously swear by it. I had headaches during the first week as my body was detoxing but now I feel energized and have noticed my constant cravings for food has diminished.

Anticipating: Moving home in July, being close our loved ones again and the next stage of our lives. So many blessings to come!

Listening to: Ok don't judge me. I'm slightly obsessed with Justin Bieber's song, Boyfriend. I even played it for Keane and tried to trick him into believing it was Justin Timberlake. He didn't buy it but did admit the Biebs has a good voice. Just when I start feeling ok about blasting prepubescent pop music in my car, the "buzz lightyear" lyric forces me to reconsider and roll up the windows.

Eating: Java Chip ice cream

Feeling thankful for: I have said it before but I feel SO blessed to have married my best friend. He knows everything there is to know about my heart and shows me unfailing support. I am also grateful for opportunities which have led us to meet new friends, land great jobs and take amazing vacations.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Life is good today.

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