May 24, 2012

Thursday Throwback

Welp, there it goes again. Another week just flew by without any consideration for my feelings. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, How Rude!

We're leaving after work today to head back to Colorado for the long weekend. Sunday marks the beginning of a busy wedding season ahead, as one of my best friends from high school gets married in Boulder. I am SO excited to see her walk down that aisle! I have pictures from my own wedding where she was doing the ugly cry in the background as I slow danced with my Dad. I fully expect to be doing the same when I first see her walking toward her JoeJoe. 

We'll also be packing these next couple of days full of family time, happy hours and hikes with friends, and hopefully some relaxation. I can't wait!

And, now for a Thursday Throwback. This picture was taken last month at Keane's Mom's house before we left for Hawaii. (Jeanne, it might be time to take down those Christmas lights...just sayin). 

Keane, his sister Kyla, our niece Lily, and the dogs- April 2012

I love how Lily's hand is resting on Daphne. Ooooh, my heart strings!

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