May 30, 2012

It's not easy being Chooms

Guess who turned three yesterday?!

That's right...this guy. 

And guess who's had a pretty rough few days?

Right again! 
After eating 6 of my mother-in-law's chickens (slaughter house style), he sliced his leg on some metal over the weekend and had to go to the emergency vet hospital at 11:00pm for stitches. 
He now wears the cone of shame for the next two weeks. (The technical term being "Elizabethan Collar." Who knew you could learn so much from a vet bill!)
Poor little dude. 

To celebrate our little boy's special day, we took an evening walk sans cone and cooked him a bone– a mellow night to make up for a very chaotic weekend. 

Your mama and papa love you so very much, Mr. Chooms. You captured our hearts from the moment we brought you home from the Boulder Humane Society. Despite being told you are the most beautiful dog by every stranger that passes by, you always remain humble. Your cuddling skills are second to none and you've proven to be a world-class hunter (RIP chickens). 

Happy third birthday to our favorite white dog. 

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