Aug 7, 2012


For the love of all that is holy, I never want to move again. I mean ever. It's truly one of my least favorite things to do and we don't even have that much stuff. I can't imagine what moving an entire family would be like. Bleh, no thank you. Since we are staying with Keane's mom until we buy a house, there is yet another move in our near future. But I've committed to hiring movers for any after that!

It feels really good to be back in Colorado. Clean tasting tap water, cool summer nights, Whole Foods, and 9 News... oh how I've missed my home state!

We've been watching the Olympics like it's our job lately. Beach volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, and track and field are my favorites. Race walking is definitely the strangest because really, how is that even a sport? And don't get me started on doubles table tennis. It's hard to keep a straight face when four adults are huddled around a miniature table with such intensity.

Watching the Olympics allows me to live out the thrill of competition vicariously through the TV screen. I've played sports for as long as I can remember. Skiing, tennis, softball and volleyball were always my focus but I also swam, played basketball and soccer when I was young. I love competing almost as much as I hate losing. One of the reasons I quit swim team was because I hated getting red or yellow ribbons. If I didn't come in first in my events, I viewed it as a loss. I've never been content not being the best at the things I do (usually to a fault).

There is only one person I know who is more competitive than me and that's Keane. One time when we first started dating, I beat him at ping pong on Thanksgiving at his aunt's house and he refused to talk to me for the rest of the day. His family had to tell him to pull it together at which point he apologized for acting like a baby. A very competitive baby. We've since found there is little room for competition in a marriage (I wrote about that here) and we work on always being on the same team.

Also, house hunting has officially begun. We were pretty disappointed by what we saw yesterday so we're hoping when we go out again tomorrow, things will be different. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed we find something we love soon!

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  1. Good luck with the house hunt! I am also obsessed with the Olympics haha.


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