Jul 30, 2012

He done good

If you are new here, you may not know the reason we've been living in Wyoming for the last 15 months. Keane works as a project engineer for a large general contractor in Denver. About two years ago, they asked if he'd be willing to move to Rock Springs, Wyoming for nine months to complete an assisted living center for seniors. His company would pay for our move as well as all our living expenses while in WY if we agreed. 

We weighed the pros and cons but quickly realized it was an opportunity which would provide great experience since he would be responsible for overseeing and managing a 10 million dollar project on his own. Not to mention, it was a sweet way to climb the corporate ladder quickly. We were up for an adventure so we said yes.

About 4 months into the Rock Springs project, plans changed for us. The owners of the project received funding to start the exact same assisted living center in Casper. Keane's company asked him to oversee the new project from start to finish which would extend our stay in Wyoming another seven months. We said yes and tried our best to roll with the punches.  

Several months later and we have two Wyoming cities under our belts, countless adventures completed and a handful of lifelong friendships made. This has truly been such a positive experience and a wonderful chapter we will be closing at the end of this week.

I got the grand site tour last week and let me just say, I have never been more proud of my hubby's accomplishments. What began as a dirt lot last October is now a stunningly beautiful building which will be home to 100+ seniors in the coming months. 

My husband is responsible for that. He managed dozens of subcontractors and millions of dollars. He stressed about the schedule and pushed guys twice his age to meet critical deadlines. 

While beaming with pride, I took a few (ok 182...whatever) photos of the space. These are just a few. Here's to you, mister. You done good.

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