Oct 15, 2012

Let there be trees

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your weekend was wonderful. With lots of household items still on our to-do list, we spent our days in homeowner mode getting some much needed work done on the exterior of our house. 

When we bought the home, it was hard to tell if the huge trees in the backyard were on our property or not. They were so overgrown and in desperate need of some TLC. So, with our saw and clippers in hand, we set off on an arbor makeover. 

Here are the before and after shots to prove how far an hour of your time and a little elbow grease actually goes. As an added bonus, we found lots of treasures under all those branches and dead foliage... old dog toys, t posts, a hammock frame. And by treasures, I do mean trash. 

Ooooh, aaaaah. The best part is, we increased our outdoor yard space by a ton. Now we can actually hang a hammock or read a book in the shade. 

After all, these trees are made for walking under. And that's just what we'll do. 


  1. Wow, what a difference that made! Great work.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Look much nicer! I love having things fixed up in my yard!




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