Apr 12, 2013

Waiting Game

Welp, I'm still pregnant. Today marks 39 weeks and I've been feeling quite well considering I'm walking around with a full-size baby resting on my pubic bone while consistently head-butting my bladder. I've been giving my body lots of love and patience recently because it's doing a pretty cool thing and it deserves some grace. Although I've been moving much slower in recent days, I'm still managing to make it to the gym three mornings a week for cardio, weights and stretching. I have been religious about my workouts throughout this pregnancy and I'm crossing my fingers it pays off in a quick and easy delivery. Here's hoping! 

Last Friday was my final day at work. I permanently resigned and will now be a stay-at-home-mama to our baby girl when she arrives. I have said it before but I truly believe I was put on this planet to be a wife and mother and nothing brings me more joy or excitement than beginning this new stage in my journey. I can't wait to get her in my arms. 

Yesterday, I made a vision board of positive affirmations and photos to focus on during labor. Since I am having a natural childbirth and not using any drugs, I'm hoping these visuals will be helpful in keeping me focused and ultimately trusting my body to do what it knows how to do. The wave is to remind me to "ride" my contractions (or as Ina May Gaskin calls them, rushes), the flowers symbolize my body opening for new life, and the baby is obvious...there is a wonderful gift waiting for me on the other side. But my favorite image is the painting of the woman in a birthing tub, holding her newborn in ecstasy. Women all around the world are delivering babies in this way each day and I will not be alone in this. For me, there is great power in that notion. 

Keane and I are planning on fitting in another date night this weekend as well as some work on the outside of the house while the weather is still nice. The forecast calls for snow and freezing temps Monday through Wednesday of next week which makes me more than a little grumpy. What happened to Spring?! All my flowers are dying and I would much rather labor outside in the sunshine rather than inside by the heater. Ugh. 

Happy Friday, friends. 



  1. I know you arn't going to believe this because you are pregnant and probably feeling quite large, but you seriously look so skinny and beautiful! I always think when I get pregnant I'm going to swell up like a balloon, you look amazing.

    Amanda Rose

  2. you look amazing! i'm sure all your hard work at the gym will definitely pay off in an easier delivery! fingers crossed for you!

  3. Almost there!! I had a natural birth at a birthing center 11 months ago and it was the most incredible experience I have ever had. It was the most intense physical, spiritual and mental journey I have ever been on and know you will feel the same way :) During active labor I was able to go deep within and say Thank you GOD over and over during those intense contractions and this helped me to stay focused. You will do amazing and the end result is the most precious moment you will remember for the rest of your life. I'll be sending you positive energy and prayers for an incredible and beautiful birth!!

    1. Hi Nicole! I just wanted to thank you for your comment. It was great hearing your success story and to know that others have had wonderful experiences with natural childbirth! Your words meant a lot. xo


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