Apr 5, 2013

Nursery Tour

Alas, baby girl's room is finally done! Phew. This space has truly been a labor of love. After moving into our house in October of last year, we used our spare bedroom as somewhat of a dumping ground for things we didn't have space for in the rest of the house. We wanted to wait to find out the gender of our babe before putting a whole lot of thought into turning it into a nursery. 

Before doing anything else, Keane ripped out the disgusting carpet and we replaced it with a large neutral rug. Luckily we had original hardwood floors under the carpet that were in really good condition.  

After finding out we were expecting a girl in November, we picked out the soft lavender paint color and got down to business. We scrubbed, spackled, sanded, and painted every wall, door and baseboard. Then I decided on fabric for her curtains.

I was very adamant about choosing something that didn't look too baby-ish. I'm not a huge fan of pink but I still wanted them to be soft and feminine. Both sets of curtains cost me about $100 to make since the upholstery fabric wasn't cheap but I LOVE how they turned out. 

I found that floating shelf at a thrift store when we were living in Wyoming. It was an ugly oak color and was missing all the hooks. I sanded and painted it, and added pretty knobs from Anthropologie. Our crib and dresser set is from Target and the photos above Raybie's crib are from our two maternity photo shoots. 

This glider is from Costco and is one of our favorite purchases for the room. Keane and I are both tall and my torso is freakishly long, so we needed to find something with a high back that we could rest our heads against. I found the side table at Home Goods and I repainted an old lamp the same avocado color I used on the shelf and added a new shade. 

The flower print is from Ikea and the hook is from Hobby Lobby. I made the headbands :) 

I replaced the knobs on the dresser with some from Hobby Lobby. 

Aaaaand then there's the closet. Oh sweet husband of mine. He is so handy and totally overhauled this teeny tiny space. Up until a month ago, he had been using this closet for his own clothes since I promptly monopolized every other storage space in the house when we moved in. I wish I would have taken a before picture but this space was so inefficient. It had one bar and three shelves which were too high to even use. Hubby got all the material from Home Depot and made this small space much more usable for babe's tiny clothes. And see that 6 inch space at the bottom right? That's Keane's closet. Bless him.

Just for kicks, here are some before and after pictures of the room.

I can't wait to bring this girl home already! We're ready when you are, sweet one.


  1. This is a beautiful space. I know she will love it!

    Amanda Rose

    I love love the curtains. great job!

  2. Hahah!! His closet!! Her room is beautiful!!

  3. The transformation is amazing! Her room is adorable. I love the colors you chose. It looks girly without being too babyish.


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