May 17, 2013

1 month

This little beauty is one month old. 
On one hand, four weeks has flown by. The memory of a full night's sleep is still really fresh (but fading quickly). It feels like yesterday that I was 9 months pregnant, waddling around with a beach ball-sized belly that took so long to grow. 

On the other hand, I can't remember life without this little lady in it. The constant feedings and diaper changes have become second nature to me and I'm quickly adapting to sleep deprivation as my new normal. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by how well I've felt running on just a few hours of sleep each night for the past month. Liv eats every 2 hours like clockwork throughout the night with the occasional snacking every hour, which equates to 30 minute increments of sleep for this mama. I try to catch a small nap in the afternoons if I can, but lately she's been so alert during the days that she only takes cat naps, leaving me little time to rest. 

Livi Lou weighed 8lbs 10oz as of Tuesday. She is gaining weight so well and nursing couldn't be going better. I truly feel blessed to have had such success with breastfeeding because I know it's not easy for all women. If I have any complaint it's that she wants to nurse ALL THE TIME which is exhausting but well worth it if it means she is growing and healthy. 

She started smiling intentionally within the last week which melts my heart. In the morning when I know she's awake, I peek over the edge of the cosleeper and make eye contact with her. Immediately she gives me the gummiest ear to ear grin– it's the best way to start my morning! 

Sis and I have been taking early morning walks to get out of the house before it gets too hot each day. She loves being in the car or the stroller and falls right to sleep from the movement. I've met a few new mamas in our neighborhood through groups I've been attending. We've made plans for coffee dates and weekly walks together. It's fun finding other moms who can relate to everything I'm going through. 

Liv is holding her head up pretty well now and loves to be held up on our shoulder so she can cuddle in our neck. I have so much more to say but each time I go to write a blog post, she inevitably needs to eat or wants to snuggle. So for now, short updates will have to do! 

I am so in love with Liv Evelyn.

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